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Reformed Dutch Church, Galle

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Wolvendaal Foundation:
CRCSL Office Building; 363, Galle Road, Colombo 06,


Dutch Reformed Church, Galle


In 1750, a church was built on the highest point in the City of Galle, which stands more than twelve meters above sea level. A Dutch army officer donated money to build this church as a thanksgiving for the birth of his daughter for which he had waited for many years. The church underwent various changes during the British Period. A stained glass window was built into the west façade of the church around 1830 and a communion rail was built in the south wing. At the beginning of the 20th century, a small organ was placed in the south wing. Around 1890, a canopy was built above the stained glass window to protect it from leaking.


The Dutch word Wolvendaal means the ‘Dale of Wolves’ and it relates to an area outside the Fort of Colombo in Sri Lanka which was in the 17th century covered with swamps and marshland. Animals identified as wolves (in fact they were jackals!) used to roam here unhindered. In the middle of this area, on a hill overlooking Colombo, stands the majestic Wolvendaal Church. Built in 1749, it is one of the oldest Protestant churches still in use on the island and considered one of the most beautiful and historically interesting churches of South Asia. 
In January 2005 the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) established the Wolvendaal Foundation. Its ultimate aim is to further cordial relations between the various races and religions on the island. The Dutch Reformed Church itself is a showpiece of peaceful co-existence as it comprises Singhalese, Tamil and Burgher congregations harmoniously working together.

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Opening Hours 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Religion Christianity
Local Guide Available Yes
Wheelchair accessible Yes


Galle , Gale District, Sri Lanka



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