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Rambadagalla Viharaya Temple, Samadhi Buddha Statue

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Rambadagalla Viharaya Temple, Sri Lanka

Samadhi Buddha Statue 67.5 feet high, utilizing a massive rock situated in the temple Premises, the largest rock carved. Buddha Statue in, Sri, Lanka.

The Rambadagalla Viharaya Temple this rock peak is situated on the western boundary of the Rambadgalla temple land facing In this natural formation of the rock has a projection to the front. The floor on which the rock is Eastwards is been downwards and 10 feet of the rock is now been excavated. The rock has been cut 18.5 feet inwards and removed. The centre part of the rock has been cut 12.5 feet inwards. The part of the rock that is necessary for the carving of the statue has been turned and the balanced rock parts on either sides have been removed. Now the careful removal of the parts besides the areas needed for the statue is been done these days. The area 18x18x18 feet needed for the head of the statue is reserved and the balance rock has been removed. Further 22 feet rock running down from the shoulders to the elbows of both left and right sides have been reserved and balance have been carved out. The portions of rock on either side of the left and right knees are to be completely removed.


The Rambadagalla is a region which is the habitat of poor peasants depending solely on cultivation for which they do not even have irrigation facilities and situated far away from the capital. As this is the part of the North Western province close to the central province, from where the gradually escalating of the hill country mountain chains could be seen on all sides. The starting zone of the Daduru Oya is at the close vicinity. Persons who are capable of shouldering this type hefty consignments are scarce in this area. Whatever their financial ability is, they have given wonderful support in this matter. The sacrifice they made enabled us to spend 25 lacks of Rupees on this work. During the period the stone statue carving committee was engaged in this services, one clear fact that was quit apparent to us, was the sudden flash of inspiration that referred the haughtiness and religious sentiments concealed in their blood, and gear into swift action with a rejoice mind.

Mahinda Rajapakse holds Vice Patron while Deshabandu Karu Jayasuriya is the president, Committee. The proprietor of Esswaren Brothers, Colombo 14, holds the post of Chairman, Finance Committee. The Stone Statue Carving Committee who are inspired by the past haughtiness of magnificence and began the creation of he largest miraculous stone carved Samadhi Buddha Statue, have the pleasure to intimate to all the Sri Lankans living in the Twenty first century have the scarece opportunity of being participants of this historic event, who could be proud of handing over the invaluable souvenir from the present generation, to their younger generation.

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Opening Hours 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Religion Buddhism
Local Guide Available Yes
Wheelchair accessible No


Kurunegala District, Sri Lanka



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It is a bit difficult to find, but with the help of the people. We found it.

After a little climb we reach the Statue.
really big and very nice rock carved Buddha statue.
Definitely a visit worth when you are in the neighborhood .

The surrounding area and the temple are also beautiful.

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